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Litecoin Testnet

In you want to experiment with litecoin daemon, sending coins without using real money, you can use litecoin testnet.

The only difference between the main network and the testnet network is that testnet network addresses are different. The look something like this: mfpbjVi7kkUb3DWgkGRHnq3pbN9STPSFoM.

You can run main network and testnet daemons at the same time on the same computer because they will use different ports. However litecoin.conf also has to be configured with a different port using rpcport argument.

So let's copy litecoin into a separate folder and run a testnet instance:

mkdir testnet
mkdir testnet/data
cp litecoin/litecoind testnet/
cp litecoin/data/litecoin.conf testnet/data/
nano testnet/data/litecoin.conf

Edit the litecoin.conf configuration file and add rpcport=19332

Now, we are ready to run a testnet instance. To do so, we need to tell the daemon to operate in testnet mode and to connect to a specific testnet server in order to join the testnet network:

testnet/litecoind -datadir=/home/aspect/testnet/data -testnet

If you go to you will find a status page indicating testnet status. Once connected, you will also find your IP in the list of peers connected. This page also works as a testnet faucet, where you can send money to yourself (from the available balance) as well as send money to the given address.

Finally, you will see a list of recently mined blocks. If you click on these blocks you will be forwarded to an instance of ABE (block explorer) that will allow you to examine the mined blocks and transactions in these blocks. When you send testnet coins, you will be able to observe these transactions in ABE.


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